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It takes insight, a considerable amount of applied experience, as well as research-based savvy to build a successful website. While many offer such services, few really understand the methodology of what works and what doesn’t, and why.

The first step to any project we take on is coming to terms with the problem our client is trying to solve. We ask specific questions about what the site requires in terms of functionality. We identify project objectives and the eventual deliverables. We then establish a mutual understanding among preliminary project team members and our client. From there, we provide a proposal that details a timetable, our process and overall project cost.

Our methodology

Phase 1 .:. Orientation

It starts with an in-depth consultation wherein we evaluate the overall scope of the project. We listen to you and help define clear-cut goals. We address specific questions about your intended target audience, as well as what the site requires in terms of interaction and functionality. During which time, we get to know you, your products, your industry, and ultimately your clients and their needs. Read more

Phase 2 .:. Concept exploratory phase

Following the orientation phase, we begin the development of ideas, synthesizing what we have learned from you, as well as our own investigations and analysis, into a proposed solution. We develop one or more design models, taking into account, identity, mood, color palette, graphic design, typographical treatments and navigation. Read more

Phase 3 .:. Technical engineering

Work is divided among a core team of designers and programmers. Images and content are converted to HTML and the site structure and diagrams become code. Additional features such as Flash animation, database development, secure socket credit-card gateways for online e-commerce and other functionality will be integrated at this stage. In cases where a site may require frequent updating, content management systems are implemented so site administrators are able to input fresh content without knowledge of HTML. Read more

Phase 4 .:. Implementation

Our final phase involves cross-platform and browser compatibility testing. Once testing is complete, we publish the completed website. We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) services for all major search engines, if so required. Read more

WEBworks at Carelli Design

Website Development
Concept Exploratory Phase
Technical Engineering

A glimpse at our work

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Additional Resources
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