Carelli Design
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Carelli creates the sexiest everything.

IDSA SF 2015

Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

The World of Carelli

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Artists. Visionaries. Brainiacs.

And, humanoids live here.

Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

Poppy. Humanoid 3D printed.

The World of Carelli

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Rule number one.

We have no rules.

An obsession for excellence, boundary-averse.

The World of Carelli

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Never do the expected.

Carelli Design C928 Porsche.

At Carelli Design, we know greatness
doesn't come from following rules, but
from believing in possibilities.

Never follow and never do the expected.

Learn about the C928

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The style. The music. The vision.

Vittorio Carelli. Irrefutably.

The World of Carelli

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One word. Genius.


Carelli Design. Global Innovation.

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Listen to your inner voice.

Vittorio Carelli began in the art of music.

35 years and we’ve only just begun.

"Creative success isn't about risk-taking,
rule-breaking or working hard—even though I have
done all three. It’s about following your inner voice
and being true to yourself." —Vittorio Carelli

The World of Carelli

Strategic Solutions

The creation of beautiful things.

Expect all things beautiful.

End-to-end innovation with key global partners.

The World of Carelli

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We change minds, touch hearts, and move markets.

Uber CX7 Duo Shuttle. Model year 2028.

Imagineering, pixel perfect.

Carelli Digital Works

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We code

code is



Software Engineering

CCIE certified

CCNP certified

We see the future

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Curiosity. Imagination. Ingenuity.

These things would surely be beyond our grasp if,
day after day, we at Carelli did not cultivate our
inner child and its capacity for playing,
dreaming and laughter.

There lies the unquenchable source of freshness,
and perhaps, when all is said and done,
the secret of our success.

35 years and we’ve only just begun.

Learn more about what we do

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Puzzledesk Nanus and i2
Meet your computer’s other half. The new Puzzledesk Nanus and i2 workstations offer more than enough features to satisfy the demands of today’s digital life. In both assembly and performance, the Nanus and i2 are two innovative powerhouses that embody an amalgam of what we believe in: innovation, imagination, technology, and social responsibility.

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FilterPac-2 Mini RO
Compact, versatile, powerful, water purification for the home. The new EuroSystem ES series FilterPac-2 Mini RO, while smaller than its predecessor, delivers improved performance without compromising any of the proven principles inherited from the EuroSystem legacy.

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Partners worldwide
Carelli International maintains operations, distribution, licensees and joint venture partnerships in more than 40 countries including, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Irvine California USA, with manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific.
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EuroSystem Technology
EuroSystem Systems & Technology, a subsidiary of Carelli International, specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of ultra high-end commercial reverse osmosis purification for the medical, pharmaceutical and food service industry.
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