Global Research
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Global Research

Each year, Carelli Design takes part in several global research programs. This research, in collaboration with other partners, universities and research institutions, enables us to provide our clients with fresh, up-to-the-minute information, projected trends, and people’s needs and desires.

These research programs are based on the simple idea that the future is what we make it, and that technology is not an objective in itself but a means to create a better quality of life for everyone.

Programs focus on proposing solutions that help us move from an interconnected, smart, anticipatory, responsive, ubiquitous technology to a reality in which technologies are applied to create intelligent, adequate, relevant meaningful solutions, and that allow the creation of harmonious relationships between people, products, systems and environments.

Ultimately, in addition to the creation of things, we wish to find ways to utilize our unique areas of expertise, disciplines and technology, in the creation of a preferable, more sustainable future.