Strategic Design Process
Crafting What Markets Necessitate
Crafting What Markets Necessitate

Strategic Design Process

Strategic Design is a philosophy of design as well as an enriched design approach that integrates established design skills with other disciplines in the areas of human sciences, technology, and business.

Our strategic design process is:

MULTI-DISCIPLINARY—to guarantee that all points of view (people, technology, and business) are taken into account.

RESEARCH BASED—to ensure that the results obtained are based on actual facts and statistics.

PEOPLE FOCUSED—to deliver solutions that are not only technologically possible, but preferable from the social, anthropological, and personal point of view.

The process is structured into five phases:


We start by coming to terms with the problem our client is trying to solve. We identify project objectives, concerns, and eventual deliverables, and establish a mutual understanding among preliminary project team members and our client. The overall scope of the project is examined, required specialists are identified, including external, if any, and critical sources for extensive investigation, research, and analysis are obtained. We get to know our clients, their products, their industry, and ultimately their customers and needs.


Research, investigation, and exploration into the project objectives and feasibility, taking into account the marketing (competitive analysis, etc.), technological, and planning constraints.


Development of the ideas, synthesizing what we have learned from our client as well as our investigations and analysis into a proposed solution.


Delivery of the specifications. A complete solution, consisting of detailed engineering specifications, materials and manufacturing qualifications and procedures, visualizations, detailed foam models, full working prototypes, multiple product samples, and in many cases, manufacturing/vendor resources.


Evaluation of the deliverable. A process and communication carried out between project team members, our client, and research and marketing analysis specialists. Multiple product samples are often produced for further marketing research, experimental marketing, or tactical market evaluation.