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Embracing The challenges of New Media
Embracing The challenges of New Media


It's an understatement to say that the media industry is changing. Social networks, news aggregators, citizen journalism, hyper-local news, WikiLeaks, location-based services, branded content, content farming, IPTV, and the "tablet revolution" are just some of the new realities with which media companies find themselves grappling as their audience fragments and their reach, relevance, and revenue erode.

We provide a full range of digital design and implementation services, from audio and visual communication to brand management and tactical marketing, across multiple technologies, platforms, and media.

Our experience in developing communication for some of the most demanding brands has given us a solid foundation in managing global complexities, including country-specific marketing collateral and advertising, wide product varieties, and the challenges associated with brand identity in multilingual environments. As media companies evolve into software companies and B2B and B2C brands act as content publishers, we translate our insight earned from diverse industries into innovative solutions that can successfully engage "the people formerly known as the audience."

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